Pages in the Wind


Pages in the Wind reaches inside the mind Emily Quinn, a young girl damaged by trauma, abuse, and family secrets. The book opens with Emily detained at the San Francisco County Jail for the first degree murder of her father. An aging, world-famous psychiatrist is hired to help find mitigating factors to spare her from California’s death penalty.

Can he help her?

The novel re-winds the young girl’s life from the age of eight to nineteen. The doctor quickly becomes sympathetic to Emily and her horrifying childhood. Of particular interest is her bizarre attachment to an old Bloomingdales box filled with drawings of girls she personifies. The doctor and patient develop a tender partnership, weaving through dark family secrets, the unexplained death of her twin sister, rejection by her mother and severe abuse from her father. Together, they sift through tragedy and loss leading to a shocking conclusion that neither saw coming. Pages in the Wind is a book that dares you to reach inside yourself to understand how abuse and trauma can dramatically affect your identity.