My new thriller, Ivan’s Wife, is progressing nicely. You would think I’d have more time to write with the pandemic looming over the country, but I actually find it more difficult. I miss the variety of life and all the restrictions are quite taxing on creativity. But, the characters are still developing and coming into a life of their own. One of my favorites is the mysterious Anna, the sixteen year old granddaughter of famous composer, Ivan Leonov. She has been willed to her uncle, Dimitri, who is becoming suspicious of her intentions. Here is a excerpt from one of the early pages:

She stood still, staring at me with her big, round eyes, cool and composed. She certainly looked like all the pictures I’d seen of my dead mother, but she was very-much Ivan’s granddaughter. Stubborn and poised with an odd, almost-confident cockiness. The girl continued to stand there, saying nothing, like she was waiting for me to say something.

Look for her layers to unfold with shocking revelations. She is a fabulous character.

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