Wanting More


Throughout Pages in the Wind, Emily longs to have a close relationship with her mother. Psychologists often say that a cold relationship is more difficult than no relationship at all. This is how Emily feels, in reflecting on the time she spent with her mother in New York City.

For me, and I can’t speak for Robert – I wanted more. We discussed the French Revolution, the art of Cezanne and Renoir, and current events – the war in Viet Nam, the environment, and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. But we never laughed, cried, or shared anything personal. It was a bit like reading a newspaper every day but craving a love letter. I longed to talk to her about boys, and makeup, and how to make friends. So, I’m grateful for the attention and all the experiences she showered on us – but I would have preferred to snuggle on the sofa with her and watch a soap opera with a box of Kleenex and popcorn.

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  1. By Stephanie wright on

    I felt that way so many times. It does change you but awareness now helps. Thank you for your post.

    1. By Jack Malder on

      So well written and I have felt that with my father, sorry to say. Coldness is hard on a kid, and I’m trying to show my kids every day how much they are loved. It’s growing even more important the older they get.

      1. By sallysaylor (Post author) on

        It’s wonderful that you were able to take a pain you felt and stop the pattern by outwardly showing your kids love.

  2. By Jaime Dunn on

    That is how I’ve felt so many times. I read your book and could not put it down. It sounds cliche, but I’m still thinking about it. So much emotion. Unbelievable book, fantastic.


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